Winter is coming, but before you settle into the couch to watch the King in the North and the Mother of Dragons get down to some dirty work, consider putting your time to good use as the cooler months approach.

At Design Plus Drafting, we’ve noticed that our Sydney customers’ Development Applications (DAs) and Complying Development Certificates (CDCs) usually get processed quicker in winter. This suggests the council Maesters, who decide whether renovation plans are up to scratch, have a lighter workload from June to August – which makes autumn the ideal time to get your home renovation organised.

Here’s what you can do now to ensure that, when the weather warms up, your renovation or new build hits the ground running faster than a Dothraki stallion…

Do the maths

Everything depends on how much you have to spend; therefore, it stands to reason budget is the first element you should lock down. This article has some great budgeting advice for renovation novices, so get your head around these tips before you go cap in hand to the Iron Bank of Braavos.

Line up your tradies

Your builder will undoubtably become the most important person in your life, making it imperative that you choose carefully. Check out our previous blog for tips on avoiding ‘cowboys’ and finding the right fit for you.

Draft in the experts

Your Pinterest board is bulging with ideas but you’re not sure what’s practical and / or likely to get rejected by council. That’s where an experienced architectural draftsman or building designer is an invaluable resource. Get in touch with Design Plus Drafting and benefit from our years of inside knowledge.

Submit your paperwork

Even during their winter quiet time, councils are unlikely to process a DA in less than three months so it pays to get your documentation in ASAP. When you engage Design Plus Drafting to handle your DA, you know we’ll have an immaculate application package on our fastest raven before you can say Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.

Meet the conditions

DA approval often comes with “conditions of consent”, which could involve providing structural engineering or noise assessment reports. These must be submitted before work begins, but once this stage is out of the way your tradies will be on the job like Tyrion Lannister in a Lysene bordello.

There you have it: tempting though it might be to hibernate as the temperatures drop, make the most of the chill and your renovation plans could become a reality sooner than you’d think.

We’ll help you create your very own Winterfell.

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