Complying development is a fast track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. Providing the application meets specific criteria then it can be determined by a Council or accredited certifier without the need for a full development application. Examples of complying development include:

  • renovations to a home
  • development of granny flat
  • building a swimming pool
  • property extensions (up to two storeys)
  • building a garage or carport
  • the construction of a new industrial building
  • alterations and additions to industrial and commercial buildings
  • the demolition of a building.

To find out if your building project or renovation is complying development visit the Electronic Housing Code website.

If your renovation or build is complying development (or requires a development application through council) you’ll need to apply for a BASIX certificate. The Design Plus Drafting are able to do the work for you and get your BASIX Certificate..

A Complying Development Certificate is a combined planning and construction approval for straightforward development that can be determined through a fast track assessment by a council or private accredited certifier. Complying Development applies to homes, businesses and industry and allows for a range of things like the construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to a house, new industrial buildings, demolition of a building and changes to a business use.
Complying Development generally includes larger building works than exempt development. For this reason ‘sign off’ by a building professional (known as a certifying authority) is needed. A Complying Development Certificate is also subject to conditions of approval to protect surrounding uses during the construction period and the life of the complying development.

In 2013-14, the State Policy for exempt and complying development enabled 29% of all development approvals in NSW to be fast-tracked, saving time and money for families and business owners. Fast-tracked complying development approvals can be issued within 14 days. This compares with the average determination time for a full development application of 70 days. More than $4.4 billion of development was delivered by complying development in 2013-2014

Instead of being assessed under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, these developments are assessed under the provisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Exempt & Complying Codes.

Exempt Development may include low impact structures such as fences, decks, carports & rainwater tanks.

Complying Development may include new dwellings, alterations to dwellings, pools, internal alterations to commercial buildings and industrial buildings, shop fitouts.

Land based exclusions such as heritage, bushfire or flood control may prevent complying development on your land.

First and most important step is to obtain a Section 149 Planning Certificate from your local council to find out if any restrictions apply to your land.

Non-compliant complying development certificates are at the top of the disciplinary action list of the NSW government. The Design Plus Drafter are happy to sit a discuss your project and assess whether you are able to submit for a Complying Development Certificate or whether you need to lodge a Development Application.

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