Great news!

From Friday 21 February, Design Plus Drafting we will be living in sublime Stanmore.

Our new address

is Unit 26, 43-53 Bridge Rd, Stanmore NSW 2048

Same Office Hours

We will be starting at noon that day but our standard office hours of 7 am to 4 pm won’t change.

Same Phone & Email

Our phone numbers and email addresses will also stay the same.

Benefits of Stanmore Office

The new location offers many exciting benefits including

  • a spacious office for your meetings with us
  • on-street parking
  • and an on-site coffee shop

Why we love Stanmore

While it is only 6 kilometres from the CBD, Stanmore is at a relaxed pace. It has a railway station on the Inner West & Leppington line.

It has a village feel and diversity of cultures and age groups.

Stanmore’s Architectural Styles

Stanmore is full of beautiful buildings.

The private school, Newington College, is here in all its Gothic Revival glory.

Stanmore Public School is an elegant textbook case of classicism.

The fire station is a work of art. Victorian terraces are aplenty in Cardigan, Cavendish and Corunna Roads.

Most of all, we just love the vibe.

Stanmore is buzzy but not hectic.

Stanmore was the birthplace of our former Prime Minister Harold Holt. It has been home to many splendid people such as Richard Gill, Parker Henson, and Thelma Forshaw.

Trafalgar Street and Percival Road boast a nice selection of shops and cafes.

We are looking forward to seeing you at your next meeting with us.