Squabbling over the TV remote has become a nightly pastime. The twins have started whingeing about sharing a bedroom. Band practise in the garage is driving the neighbours crazy. It’s obvious that as your family has grown, your home needs to as well.

Selling your current house and upsizing would mean moving to a McMansion in a Woop Woop suburb, but you love where you live now. Besides, selling up also means copping $50,000 in stamp duty for a median-priced Sydney home. Ouch. You don’t have the room on your block to expand your home’s footprint with an extension, or you’d rather not lose precious yard area, so what to do? The solution might be right above your head…

If the roof of your house has a steep enough pitch (of about 2.4 metres or more), then an attic conversion is a sound option. And the good news is most California bungalows and period terraces in Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, City and North Shore have the requisite pointy potential for adding from 20 to 60 square metres of extra living space. Hello new ensuite bedroom / home cinema / soundproofed music room / teen or parent retreat!

However, as with any renovation project – especially ones that affect the exterior appearance of a property with features such as dormer windows or skylights, and may involve navigating heritage classifications – it’s important that the draftsman you engage to draw up your building plans has expertise in your type of project.

Lucky for you, the drafters and house designers at Design Plus Drafting are all over attic conversion projects like moss on a roofing slate. We can draw up your architectural design, establish what’s needed to ensure the plans are compliant to heritage and development restrictions, submit all the completed paperwork for Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certification (CDC) and liaise with council on your behalf. Then hey presto, that dumping ground for forgotten furniture and Christmas decorations has potential for New York loft-inspired elegance.

So if you want to transform your cobweb-filled roof cavity from spooky to spunky and create much-needed extra space for your beloved brood, just get in touch. We’re your home design and drafting services one stop shop.