The construction of Granny Flats is booming in Sydney!

Granny Flats are making a comeback in Australia! Whether used to gain additional living space, increase property value or rented out for extra income, there’s no doubt there’s a boom in the construction of Granny Flats in Sydney.

A well designed Granny Flat will reap many rewards and due to council regulation changes, it’s now easier than ever to build a Granny Flat on your property.

Comply & Development:

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in Sydney Councils approving the construction of Granny Flats. Throughout NSW, the building permit and approval process has been streamlined to encourage home owners to build Granny Flats on the back of suburban homes.

As a part of the NSW Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009 (SEPP), a Granny Flat can be built in all residential zones and can be approved as a complying development in just 10 days, subject to minimum requirements.

Sydney Councils view Granny Flats not only as a good investment, but also as an excellent resolution to the current housing shortages experienced in and around the Sydney area.

The Benefits:

Well designed Granny Flats can expand your living space increasing the overall value of your property. The space can be rented to gain additional income either with a permanent tenant or as    holiday accommodation. There are now many sites and smart phone applications, such as Airbnb or, that streamline the rental process. Families are increasingly using Granny Flats as alternative accommodation for their adult-children, providing their families with an opportunity to save to become future home-owners.

In 2016, searches for Granny Flats in NSW, according to data from, increased by 84% and Granny Flats listings increased by 16%.  Many people in there 20’s and 30’s struggle to find affordable accommodation, particularly in and around Sydney. Renters are opting for Granny Flats over share housing and smart home-owners can easily capitalise on this!

Nearly 100 granny flats were being completed each week in Sydney alone, a threefold growth in five years, according to state government statistics.

Get started:

The designs of Granny Flats has been revolutionised, becoming smarter, more modern and more liveable. At Design Plus Drafting we design modern and functional Granny Flats, individualised to your personal requirements. We complete the full set of plan drawings and assist with the council approval process so that all the pre-work is completed and ready for your builder!

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