This home is nestled within a beautiful front garden but as the family is growing they have simply run out of space! The family love their home so selling wasn’t an option, they also love the layout of the existing home and like many other Sydneysiders, a first-floor extension solved all the problems!

The addition includes a new master bedroom and two large bedrooms for the kids, all with full wall robes for plenty of storage. It also includes a huge rumpus room and a large family bathroom.

The only change internally downstairs was sacrificing one of the existing bedrooms to make room for the new staircase. The leftover space utilizes the existing window to create a large study nook, which is big enough for everyone in the family to use at different times, and have their own storage space.

With a conservative design, well within all rules and regulations, a Complying Development Certificate was used to speed up the process and get to building ASAP!

Monument seems to be the colour of choice at the moment and will be used for the new roofing and aluminium windows throughout the home. The ground floor walls are to be rendered, with the first-floor addition weatherboard. All walls will be finished with Shale Grey creating a stunning colour scheme that blends existing and new.

This first-floor addition ticked all the boxes.