The Perfect Time to Renovate

You’ve been thinking about renovating. You’ve got the Pinterest boards. You’ve got piles of magazines and smart storage ideas. You’ve even considered the colour palette. The conditions are conspiring in your favour. It’s the perfect time to renovate! 

Why it’s Smart to Renovate

  • You want to increase the value of your property prior to selling it.
  • You want to transform your home to bring in more light and more space
  • You want to restore your beloved Victorian terrace, who’s had a hard life. She needs love and surgery. (The sensitive and legally permissible kind.)
  • You want to avoid the cost and hassle of moving. With a bit of design flair, the house has the bones for the next generation.

Why it’s the Perfect Time to Renovate.

extension to house in sunlight

Warm weather is better.

Stock markets always perform better in sunny weather. So do families and couples doing renovations. It’s the perfect time to renovate.

Okay, summer can bring storms. And catastrophic fires are the new normal. But generally speaking, the longer days and daylight savings means progress on your renovation can happen more quickly.

It is also easier to manage renovation inconveniences in summer when you are not facing a long, icy night that comes around every few hours. Remember winter? “Good morning, it’s nighttime”? You can also bathe at the pool or house-sit for someone.

Council Approval 

There are few better feelings than learning that you have  Council approval for your Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC).   We have helped hundreds of renovations in Sydney get council approval. We have worked with EVERY council. We DON’T take shortcuts that cost time. We are industrious little beavers work with passion and discipline. 

Lowest Interest Rates in History

Back in 2009, interest rates in Australia hit their lowest level since 1962. It was big news. It heralded loads of gimmicky campaigns with retro furniture and Florence Broadhurst wallpaper

Now they are lower! At less than one percent, interest rates have never been this low in Australia’s history. Why? Because the economy needs your stimulation. One of the best ways to spread money through the economy is by creating demand in the building sector.

If you need a loan, you will get the best deal in history. So having record low interest rates is also great if you need to borrow money. Another reason it’s the perfect time to renovate.

Ready? Let’s do the drawings!

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It’s the Perfect Time to Renovate. We’re Your Perfect Design Partner 

Fixed Price – No Nasty Surprises

We know you need to manage the finances carefully. We’ll do the work for an agreed upfront flat fee. The last thing you need are more ‘unknowns’. We can give you a flat fee to create your designs. No nasty surprises. No budget blowouts. Our proposal will state everything that will be included in the architectural design drafts.

See it in 3D

We love to nail the brief and exceed our clients’ expectations. We love to see jaws drop and eyes widen. 

There’s nothing better than photorealistic imagery to help you truly appreciate what the outcome will be like. We will create your architectural design plans using Autodesk Revit architectural design software.

You’ll be able to see renders and finishes, colour schemes and floor plan layouts. If you have changes to make and come into our studio, you can even watch as we make adjustments and see what they’ll look like.

We’ll Shepherd Your Plans Through Council

Councils can be intimidating. We know the ins and outs better than anyone. We can prepare all the paperwork, let you know whether you will qualify for a Complying Development Certificates (CDC) or need a Development Application (DA). We can explain everything you need to know in plain language and guide you, step by step, through the process. That includes gathering the forms, completing the forms, explaining what to do, and liaising with council when you need us. Read more about the Design Process

Proven Track Record

We have made almost 300 successful submissions to councils all over Sydney. Design Plus Drafting is a part of Drawable and we’ve been here in Sydney since 2007. Come and visit us in Newtown.

We keep up-to-date with relevant building codes and other council requirements. Read our 5 star reviews on Google. 

We’re Australian owned and run, small and friendly, male and female, and use better than industry standard best practice. We’re ready to work for you. 

Client Reviews

“These people have been terrific. Nothing was too much trouble. Ever polite and obliging with creative solutions and warm, friendly liveable design work.”
Christopher Rourke

“We were thrilled with the service from Design Plus drafting & would definitely use the guys again. Jon absolutely nailed the brief and was so professional and accommodating with changing the plans.”
Lynn Osbourne

“This crew is worth every cent they charge. Great service.”
Kylie Johnson.

“It’s just been a lovely & hassle free experience!”
Lynne, Balmain

“They were punctual and professional, but also friendly and easy to work with.”
Mike, Drummoyne

“Their prices are very competitive and reasonable.”
Elizabeth Sheehan

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Ready to Renovate?

It’s the Perfect Time to Renovate. Are you ready? 

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