Does your house feel tired? Designing a new home on your existing land can change the way you and your family live for the better.


Regardless of the design being a “Knock Down Rebuild (KDR)” or “New build” on a greenfield site, Design Plus Drafting can produce a design tailored to your style and build budget.

We listen to your requirements, get a good understanding of the household and how it operates on a daily basis and apply our design skills to these.

Ensuring every millimetre is used efficiently and more recently, ensuring the design approach and materials used are environmentally sustainable, ensures you will achieve a new home that has been thoroughly and thoughtfully considered.

Our skill set enables us to traverse design styles and adapt to the local environment and our customers tastes. A CDC design does not necessarily have to be a mirror of its environment however a good design should always compliment the area – regardless of a CDC or DA.


A new home design is the same approach as a renovation or extension – just more detailed in some instances.

Firstly, we meet up onsite and view the block, it’s orientation and any site conditions i.e., sloping block, trees that may impact on light and neighbouring properties to name a few. It is essential that this site inspection is carried out because if some of these aspects aren’t factored in, the end result could be impacted significantly. A site Survey is ordered and is carried out by a Registered Surveyor. They then provide an electronic file of the block indicating all of the boundaries, trees and shrubs, fences, retaining walls, site gradient and neighbouring properties boarding walls, windows, eves and any encroachments. 

Following the site inspection, we ask that the client complete a reverse brief which details their specific requirements and provides us an insight into their likes and dislikes etc. We also site down and have a face-to-face briefing session and look at various platforms to further gauge their style.

Following on from the reverse brief and briefing session, we then generate a “Concept” which is based on all the information gathered from the above. The client reviews the concept package and then we go on a journey of refining the concept until the client is happy with the design. During these reviews, meetings are had (either in the office or remotely) to discuss the changes and any potential impacts these may have to compliance, budget or both.

It is a very collaborative process which is at times may feel frustrating as the compliance component is often not recognised or understood. The phrase we regularly hear is “but my neighbour or the house down the road has it” – this unfortunately is not a valid argument as these items that the clients refer to are often something that has either been built illegally or built when the rules allowed it.

Imagine having the storage you need, the home you have always dreamed about or the open-plan concept you long for!


We lead you through the DA process from starting your design through to lodging all of the relevant drawings and documents with your local council. We'll take the stress out of your DA.

Complying Development Certificates

Being granted a CDC is a much speedier process than a DA. However your development must meet a specific, state-wide set of rules and regulations.

Bespoke New Home Design

Our trademark homes are light-filled, open-plan living spaces with plenty of storage that embrace a broad range of budgets.

Extensions and Home Additions

With our home design expertise and detailed know-how of the approval processes, we can help with attic conversions, home extensions, and first floor additions.

Renovation Designs and Plans

We can create more space for your growing family and solve the issues with your existing home that have been bugging you from the day you moved in.

Shop & Retail

Our experienced team are able to work in tandem with you to design the perfect shopping environment and workplace to suit to your branding.