What is a CDC and do I need one?

A CDC or Complying Development Certificate is the process whereby the works are designed in accordance with the State CDC controls – overriding the many of the local Council regulations and review process. Not every block is able to have a CDC design applied so it is crucial that a Planning Certificate (Section 10.7 Parts 2 & 5) is purchased from your local Council to confirm. The CDC process the preferred method of design due to a number of factors and the main one being no input or assessment by your local Council – the design is assessed by a Private Certifier (PCA) and when all of the PCA criteria have been fulfilled, the PCA advises your local Council and your neighbours that works will be commencing after 14 days.

The CDC process is basically the DA and CC process combined into a single phase. If you know you are going to undertake a CDC design, it is best to have thought about and shortlisted all of your fixtures and finishes.

Particular requirements for a CDC are a minimum lot size of 200m2 AND 6m wide. The lot cannot be located within the 25 ANEF (Aircraft flight path) and NOT within a Heritage Conservation Area, therefore many of the lots within the Inner West and Inner City suburbs (Glebe, Newtown, Surry Hills and Paddington) cannot utilise the CDC method. A CDC is also generally not a great method of design approval for a ‘Corner lot” as the setbacks are limiting.

Most new housing developments utilise the CDC method due to the expedited approval process.

  • Residential constructions
  • Residential renovations and minor extensions
  • Carports or garage construction
  • Building demolition
  • Small retail or commercial developments
  • Interior alterations / reconfigurations
  • Change of use applications

Your CDC is submitted to a Private Certifying Authority (PCA) and this is usually an individual or company that specialises in these works, however your local Council can act as a PCA also. Once the PCA has all of the required documents for the development (new addition, renovation, extension or KDR), they review and then advise Council and your neighbours that the design has been approved, all documents are in accordance with the relevant standards and works can commence after 14 days.

Design Plus Drafting works with either our preferred or client provided PCA’s to ensure the CDC is delivered in a timely manner.

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Complying Development Certificates

Being granted a CDC is a much speedier process than a DA. However your development must meet a specific, state-wide set of rules and regulations.

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