Building a new house or renovating your property is always exciting!

However, the Development Application process can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, especially if it is your first project. Every council, application and project is different.

The Design Plus Drafting team will lead you through the DA process from starting your design through to lodging all of the relevant drawings and documents with your local council.

With over 300 successful Development Applications lodged with councils throughout NSW we’ll look after all of the hard work and take the stress out of renovating or building your new home. We’ll even look after the RFIs (Requests for Information) whilst your DA is being reviewed by the council’s planners.

The Design Plus Drafting team will laser scan your home (using our latest 3D camera technology) and design new spaces that you will love living in.

Design Plus Drafting will carry out inhouse compliance checks to ensure the Application is in accordance with the local guidelines. All applications are lodged to be compliant to the relevant controls with the view to a smooth as possible review process by Council.

Please also be advised that once a DA has been granted, works cannot commence until the CC or Construction Certificate has been provided by a PCA. This is the second phase of the DA process and once that is where the devil is in the detail. The DA is more a “Concept” whereas the CC is where the Concept turns into reality. A Structural Engineer is needed to provide the Structural Engineering detail and these are incorporated into a new combined set of Architectural drawings. This is also where your required internal finishes are applied. Whilst the DA is being assessed it is a good time to start working on the internal fixtures and fittings, getting all of these details ready to hit the CC phase as soon as the DA is granted.

Take advantage of the DA assessment period and be ready to hit the CC ground running!

You will require a current survey of your property, along with a stormwater design, and depending on your location an acoustic report and heritage impact statement. We will either complete these documents in-house or outsource to a specialist provider.


The DA is submitted directly to your local council to obtain formal consent for your development.

The development must adhere to specific council codes, and every council will have its own set of requirements.

We will check with your council to see if DA approval is required.

It is generally needed for:

  • New residential constructions
  • Extensions
  • Demolitions
  • Subdivisions
  • Renovations in heritage conservation areas
  • Bushfire or flood-prone areas


The cost of your DA will depend on the size and type of proposed development.

Each council will have a DA fee that will need to be paid upon lodgement of your application.

Your council will review your application and consider zoning regulations, local environment plans, development control plans, land use regulations, and other impacts.

We work with you and your local council to ensure all the required paperwork is correctly provided.

We create documentation including architectural drawings, a statement of environmental effects, a waste management plan and shadow diagrams. Our years of working with DAs and councils in Sydney help us identify and solve potential issues with your development, to ensure that your DA has the best chance of a quick and easy approval.

Feel free to call us to discuss your project and we will help your assess whether you require a development application  or CDC!



We lead you through the DA process from starting your design through to lodging all of the relevant drawings and documents with your local council. We'll take the stress out of your DA.

Complying Development Certificates

Being granted a CDC is a much speedier process than a DA. However your development must meet a specific, state-wide set of rules and regulations.

Bespoke New Home Design

Our trademark homes are light-filled, open-plan living spaces with plenty of storage that embrace a broad range of budgets.

Extensions and Home Additions

With our home design expertise and detailed know-how of the approval processes, we can help with attic conversions, home extensions, and first floor additions.

Renovation Designs and Plans

We can create more space for your growing family and solve the issues with your existing home that have been bugging you from the day you moved in.

Shop & Retail

Our experienced team are able to work in tandem with you to design the perfect shopping environment and workplace to suit to your branding.