Designing for More Storage Space

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Feeling cramped is not great for your wellbeing.

Without dedicated spaces for things, we end up with clutter and disorganisation.

The good news is that with a few simple redesign concepts, we can create more storage space in our homes.

Floor Furniture

If you have a decent roof height, floor furniture can work a treat.

Concepts include furniture built into the floor.

By losing 30 centimetres of roof space, MoreFloor are containers you can add on top of a floor. They can add six metres of space with a built-in bed. Instead of having a bed standalone in a room all the time, you can pack it into the floor when you don’t need it for a while.

You could also create a platform and slide a bed in and out.

Floor cabinets take the same concept and apply it to any space.

Storage walls

A similar concept is storage walls.

These both create area partitions and can be modular so that they serve as storage cavities.

Go for a vibrant colour pallette and you create something not just highly functional but playful.

Smart STorage for Small Spaces

Sometimes the best industrial design ideas come from the imaginations of children. I don’t know the providence of this idea, actually, but I’m sure I thought about this as a kid.

The remote-controlled descending bed.

Popular in the United States, Europe and Paris, these roof-cavity stored beds are neatly pulled down when you need them.

Here’s another idea.

Wall Beds

If you like to have space for guests, but don’t always want to take up an entire extra room, consider the wall bed.

This ingenious design places the bed inside the wall and can be pulled out when it is needed.

The rest of the time, the room can be used as the office, library or another purpose you may have for it. For very small homes, this co-work space is a winning idea. Multiple zones that can be re-organised to suit another purpose.

In terms of fold-down items. You could also consider a fold-down desk, or even kitchen table.


Storage To Add Luxury

If space is not an issue, you can create a sense of style and luxury with smart storage with things like wine cellar (under stairs or in a garage). There are several considerations for wine storage including location, temperature and climate control, rack design, and double glazing.

Quality books also look great when stored below staircases.

wine cellar

Butler’s Pantry Space and Storage

butler's pantry

The Butler’s Pantry is the new walk-in wardrobe.

Do you find when you entertain that the kitchen gets crowded? The kitchen is always the place to be. It’s the food/drink/service centre and it’s casual. Unfortunately, it’s where the cook is also trying to concentrate and getting into a fluster.

You don’t need a silver platter and a dapper gent to create a splendid Butler’s Pantry. If you have the room, it is simply about containing the main, mess-prone area.

Essentially, the butler’s pantry is a small ‘working’ space within your kitchen. It is the inner sanctum or engine room.

It’s the space where food is stored and prepared before serving. It takes away the headache of feeling like you have to keep wiping spills and scraps while entertaining your guests.

Here we keep food in a pantry cupboard or baskets. On the workbench, we can slice, chop and puree, and then fry, sizzle and steam away from the main kitchen space without breaking into a ‘they’re-watching-me’ sweat.

The butler’s pantry is closed off from the rest of the kitchen and, for example, from party guests. Step outside this neat little war room, and all is clean and serene.

Pantry Cupboard Storage Space

scallop shelves pantry

A walk-in food pantry is a luxury you won’t regret. If you have space. Where space does not allow, however, there are workarounds.

If you have double doors, consider using the space behind them to create scalloped shelves which add more utility and convenience to a standard cupboard.

That means a left, right and longer central shelf, rather than one long flat shelf.

It allows for more groupings of items such as condiments, sauces, rices and grains, teas and coffees, and so on. If you have a spare kitchen drawer, consider making it a spice drawer.

Another pantry cupboard idea is to incorporate that bastion of Chinese banquettes – the lazy Susan.

laundry bathroom


Laundry and Second bathroom

The laundry, when large enough, is great for a second toilet or whole bathroom. If space is an issue, try stacking the white goods. Use decorative tiles and baskets for sorting and organising.

Laundry spaces can include a fold-out ironing board to get rid of that from your space room.

A European laundry is usually tucked away behind a cupboard where the washing machine, dryer, and hamper are stored. You can also stow away appliance more easily with a combined washer-dryer, although reviews of these are mixed.

Peg-board laundry wall for storing washing powders and fabric softeners, and holding hooks


Laundry and Garages

wall of toolsLaundries and garages are great places for storing bulky items like vacuum cleaners, boogie boards, snorkeling, and swimming equipment, as well as tools and cleaning products.

By adding space for large cabinets or sliding doors, you can hide tools and gadgets in the garage. 

Hooks are great for things like ladders, skateboards, and bikes. Hide some things. Show off others.




Parting Words

Getting enough storage is usually not a matter of having enough space, but clever use of that space.

Our designers at DesignPlusDrafting have seen so many excellent examples of clever use, we can discuss options in your design plans.

If space is sorely lacking, and a renovation, addition or extension is in order, be sure to talk to us first.

We offer fixed fees and can help you get plans through your local council.

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