How often have you heard, “You get what you pay for”? Of course it’s always worth shopping around for the cheapest price for materials or quotes from tradies, but when it comes to the architectural design of your new house or smart plans for your home renovation, it absolutely pays to bring in the experts.

As many homeowners will attest, architects are expensive – especially here in Sydney. Engaging a building designer or draftsman may be a much cheaper option, but you should still be selective about who you entrust your home design or house extensions’ drafting to.

There are cheap drafting firms out there, however be wary of companies who ‘farm out’ all their architectural design and drafting. Here at Design Plus Drafting, our in-house staff have invaluable local knowledge of the regulations the various Sydney councils adhere to, and liaise closely with clients to ensure we have a comprehensive brief. We have a state-of-the-art meeting space in our Inner West offices and if you’re in the Sydney metropolitan area, we’ll even do a site visit and check measure to make sure we’re totally across your project.

We guide you through the entire design process for your renovation or new build from concept, through development, to construction documentation and lodging your DA, if required. Design Plus Drafting has your back the whole way.

A Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) certificate is essential for any development application in NSW for a new home or extension worth $50,000 or more. First-time Design Plus Drafting customers not only have their BASIX assessment done and submitted for certification, we do that free with your signed contract.

We’ve all had a good lol at epic reno fails, and many of us have experienced our own house renovation nightmares. One thing most of them have in common is they’re the result of rushing the process and cutting corners to try and keep costs down, from the design stage onwards.

It’s more important to us to have the time to finesse your home design than it is to plough through work for the sake of profit. While our rates might not be the lowest, our attention to detail and direct engagement with our customers means we create home designs and house renovations we can be proud of.

So even though we’re not cheap drafters, we are cheerful.


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